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How to book?

It is easy!

You need to complete the following information:

  1. Ticket (in one direction, return, other airport of arrival):
    You should indicate whether you want to fly in only one direction or in both directions. You may indicate any other airport, in which you want to return.
  2. From (obligatory information):
    You should indicate a city or airport, from which the flight begins (e.g. Riga, Tallinn, Moscow). The city can be selected from the airport list.
  3. To (obligatory information):
    You should indicate a city or airport, to which you want to fly. City of arrival can be selected from the airport list. The name of the city should be indicated in English.
  4. Departure / Return (obligatory information):
    Please indicate desired departure and arrival dates, clicking the mouse cursor on the required calendar date. You can also enter the desired date and month using the keyboard.
  5. Passengers:
    You should indicate the number of all passengers and their age. For children, under the age of 2 years, a separate seat is not required. The age of passengers is indicated in the additional option.

Advanced search options:

  1. Preferred airlines:
    You should indicate preferred airline. The airline can be selected from the list or enter a name using the keyboard.
  2. The highest price:
    To reduce the search options, indicate the most acceptable price for you in euros.
  3. Class:
    There is an opportunity to choose the class of flight - economic, business or first class.
  4. Only direct flights:
    If you want to fly a direct flight, click on the square.
    The system will primarily offer you direct flights, if such are possible on this route, at the indicated date, if the airline offers such flight option.
    If direct flights are not available, please change the dates (+/- 1 or 2 days).
    If direct flights are not available - the system will automatically offer you flights with stops.
  5. Adding services to the booking:
    The additional services are:
    • choice of food
    • selecting a seat: near the window, near the aisle
      This additional service can be ordered only if the airline provides this opportunity for the selected class and provides this service. You can select it by clicking on the option provided.
    • special places for babies and disabled persons
    • pets
    • ski equipment like checked-in luggage

An additional service may be ordered only if the airline provides this opportunity for the selected class. Send your request with the indicated reservation number to the e-mail address or contact our agents by phone: 67 242 183.

Information, which needs to be saved after the booking is completed:

  1. Date and time of departure
  2. Booking reference
  3. Last ticketing date (The last date, when the ticket should be purchased)

All the information you will find in the confirmation of your booking, which can be printed from the online system, and you will automatically receive a confirmation to the email address stated during the booking process.

Be sure to pay for the ticket within the specified period, otherwise the ticket will be automatically cancelled.

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